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A Great Location. A Great Community. A Great Business Investment.

RV Parks in BC can be a great investment in the right location.  Investors are recognizing the value of RV Parks for sale in BC.

British Columbia is world-renowned as a desirable location and has experienced an increase in real estate sales of over 50 percent in recent years.

While Vancouver and the Okanagan have reached a peak in real estate investment, the Boundary Country is the next up-and-coming locations for anyone who wants to invest in a sound business, and secure a comfortable lifestyle, in a beautiful area, with a guaranteed income.

Greenwood BC offers an ideal location for a retirement business or real estate investment. Hot summers and mild winters, clean air and the best water in the world are just a few of the benefits.

Within 2 hours to city amenities, airports, and just 20 minutes to a hospital, Greenwood and the Boundary Country are ideally positioned for growth and investment, and provide a wonderful community for retirees and families.

Multiple Revenue Streams
  • Monthly maintenance fees
  • 20 storage units for rent
  • Lots for lease
  • Nine vacation rentals
  • Coin operated shower and laundry facilities.
  • Commision from resale of lots and park models.
RV Park Rentals
  • Authentic CNR Bunk House – 3 bedroom, fully-equipped kitchen, bathroom
  • 2 Log Cabins
  • Old Fort Gun Tower
  • Chuckwagon
  • 3 Tipis
RV Park Amenities

The Pioneer Village includes full-service amenities in addition to:

  • Dance Hall
  • Wash House
  • Pool Hall
  • Entertainment Room
  • Exercise Room
  • WiFi
RV Park Sites
  • 59 sold lots
  • 4 lots leased


An Ideal Investment for Semi Retirement

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Fort Greenwood RV Park